What’s my offer workbook

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This workbook is your trusty guide, your compass in the wild terrain of starting a business. It’s designed to help you ask all the right questions before you make that big leap. Whether you’re pondering if it’s the right time to start, how to get the ball rolling, or what crucial questions you need to mull over, this workbook has got your back.

Consider it your ultimate initial tool kit, helping you kickstart your journey by sparking those essential thoughts and considerations. After all, everyone’s got something to offer, but it’s all about timing, strategy, and knowing where to begin. Let “What’s My Starting Point” be your partner in paving the way to entrepreneurial success. 🚀



Alright, let’s kick things off!

If you’re still navigating the maze of figuring out what business to dive into, pondering what it all means for your life, or simply wondering if you’ve been asking yourself the right questions, then hey, this book might just be your new best friend.

From tapping into your passions and motivations to guiding you through those crucial financial considerations, this book aims to be that gentle nudge and sturdy support you need to take those first steps and start making moves. It’s all about pinpointing your passion, articulating what you’re all about, and hey, if you hit a roadblock, I’m just a quick call away. Because my mission? It’s all about seeing you flourish and thrive in a gig you absolutely adore. Let’s do this! 🚀


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